Phase2corporation is a backing band collective based out of Germany that provides a complete solution for touring artists. The unit has grown to be recognised as one of the finest outfits in Germany and its international collection of players have collectively backed artists from Chaka Khan, Toni Braxton, Marcus Miller, Incognito, Reel People to Stevie Wonder to name a few.

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P2C is currently backing an incredible Nu Gospel singer Alana from the Bronx, NYC. Alana has performed all over the world including Carnegie Hall , NDR Orchestra / Choir and for Duke Ellington’s Centennial celebration and is currently based in Germany.

Her ability to combine vocal jazz virtuosity and Nu Soul influences have made her one of the most in demand singers in Europe. Alana feat. P2C is quickly becoming recognised as a unique force in Nu Soul in Europe and beyond.


Want to blow the lid of your next event? Why not book a band that delivers a truly international level of performance that includes some of the finest session musicians in Europe who between them have performed with the likes of Incognito, Tony Braxton, Till Broener, Stevie Wonder and Samy Deluxe.

The P2C-Trio delivers just that and is not your regular corporate band. The live power and energy, world class entertainment and vibe of this unit must be seen to be believed!

The unit currently features New Yorker Alana out front on vocals, who has widely been recognised as the finest soul singer in Germany. The live set features an incredible mix of chart songs, classic soul and RnB and has been receiving stellar feedback consistently as it has performed all over Europe and the world. Put simply, P2C-Trio raises the bar on live entertainment in Germany.

The P2C-Trio comes equipped with a modern and uplifting funk / soul / RnB program guaranteed to rock the room. This includes special versions of Bruno Mars, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder and much more. The band can also cater for smaller functions in a duo, trio or quartet for weddings or corporation background events.

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Phase2corporation ist eine professionelle Session- und Backing-Band für nationale und internationale Künstlerinnen. Zusammen mit der Sängerin Alana Alexander kann die Band auch für Veranstaltungen gebucht werden.

Die Hamburger Formation Phase2corporation zählt zu den besten Livebands in Deutschland und ist mit erstklassigen Musikern besetzt. Simon Grey (Klavier), Roland Cabezas (Gitarre), Achim Seifert (Bass), und David Haynes (Schlagzeug) bilden die Grundbesetzung der Band. Sie haben bereits mit internationalen Pop-, Jazz-, Soul- und RnB-Größen wie Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Tony Braxton, Cassandra Steen, Marcus Miller und Incognito und nationalen Acts wie Sarah Connor, Samy Deluxe, Max Herre, Udo Lindenberg und Till Brönner gespielt.

Gründer und musikalischer Leiter der Band ist der gebürtige Australier Simon Grey – Seine Musik erhält weltweiten Zuspruch, u.a. von Michael League, Gründer und Leiter der dreifach Grammy-gewinnenden Jazzband Snarky Puppy sowie RC Williams, dem mehrfach Grammy-nominierten musikalischen Leiter von Soulsängerin Erykah Badu.

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Phase2corporation is the brain child of Australian producer, keys player and MD Simon Grey and features a handpicked selection of session musicians that include Roland Cabezas (guitar), Achim Seifert (bass), Jonathan Cuniado (bass), Michael Grimm (drums) and David Haynes (drums).

The goal was to form a collective of players that work together as a team with a certain regular process of planning, ‘radar’ and performance that lead to consistent and world class results on stage. Simon has performed with his own music all around the world with the unit including a JVC tour of Japan, work in the US and performances at JAVA Jazz in Indonesia.

The Phase2corporation concept provides a solid backing for travelling artists in Europe in the nu soul direction. This could involve the entire journey from interpreting an artist’s album for stage to writing a full script for an entire show, complete with custom arrangements, lighting cues and musical transitions. We can act as the crucial intermediate force to get your show from the planning stage to tour, with a huge European network of trusted players, arrangers and technicians built up over many years.


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