Phase2corporation is the brain child of Australian producer, keys player and MD Simon Grey ( and features a hand-picked selection of session musicians that include Roland Cabezas (guitar), Achim Seifert (bass), Jonathan Cuniado (bass), Michael Grimm (drums)  and David Haynes (drums). The goal was to form a collective of players that work together as a team with a certain regular process of planning, ‘radar’ and performance that lead to consistent and world class results on stage. Simon has performed with his own music all around the world with the unit including a JVC tour of Japan, work in the US and performances at JAVA Jazz in Indonesia.

The phase2corporation concept provides a solid backing for travelling artists in Europe in the Nu Soul direction. This could involve the entire journey from interpreting an artist’s album for stage to writing a full script for an entire show, complete with custom arrangements, lighting cues and musical transitions. We can act as the crucial intermediate force to get your show from the planning stage to tour, with a huge European network of trusted players, arrangers and technicians built up over many years.